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Organize your home for greater efficiency by maximizing your space and clearing out clutter.

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Organize those old jeans, questionable purchases and unflattering tops to make room for clothes that not only make you feel good but look good too.

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Custom office organization to be more productive and less stressed at work.

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Preparing for, dealing with or unpacking from a move is always a great time to get organized.

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Custom organization jobs or special projects, including vacation packing, holiday decorating and gift wrapping.


Who We Are

Big Apple Organizers is a local New York City based organization service. We organize all parts of your home or office and offer specialty services.

Explore the ways our bonded and insured team of professional organizers can help you. We have a high standards set for all our organizers so you will get an excellent organization in your home.

Whether you need to declutter your home, clear out your closet, downsize your home, organize a move or clear an estate we are here for you.

All Our Organizers Are

  • Experienced and Professional
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  • Interviewed in Person
  • Honest and Dependable
  • Bonded and Insured

Our Happy Customers

Great job by Judy. Big Apple Organizers was easy to book online and the customer service was great. I will definitely be using this service again in the future.
James Peterson
It is so much more fun coming back to my apartment with its new sense of order and simplicity. I was impressed with the service. Will be using them again on my next project.
Mike Crutcher
At first I was hesitant to work with and spend money on a professional organizer. It turned out that Big Apple Organizers was worth every penny.
Veronica Kim
Big Apple Organizers was strongly recommended by friends and the service has helped me keep my life in order in many ways. Monica was our organizer and she initially helped us unpack our new apartment and organize it room by room. She not only put things away, but helped us keep them there in a way that made sense!
Cathy Chu
When my wife suggested we hire someone to help get us organized, I was skeptical. I thought…”our home isn’t perfect, but we get by just fine.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. Big Apple Organizers was great!
Jim Bond
I can’t believe how much better my space feels and looks. My portfolio materials are now safely stored, and I can actually find them quickly. I can finally find things in my linen closet and on my cosmetics shelf. Great service, I highly recommend.
Lisa Shefferman

Here’s A Few Office Organization Tips That Really Help

If you are designing yourself a home office to help you get more work done in your spare time, then you know how important office organization can be. Simply put, a tidy, well-organized office will help you work quicker and with greater efficiency – whereas an office in disarray can fuel procrastination and make it harder to complete your job to the best of your ability.

In this guide, we’re going to share some fantastic tips and advice for office organization – so by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be ready to redesign your office and make it perfect for you.

1 – Clear the clutter

The first thing to do when you are organizing your office is to get rid of any clutter, so you know exactly what you are left to work with. If you have not kept your office tidy, then you’ll be surprised by the vast amount of material that isn’t essential but is taking up prime space in your room.

Gather all of this junk together, and either put it into your spare room or perhaps shred the paperwork and send it straight into the garbage. This will give you a liberating ‘blank slate’ to start with, and makes it very easy to organize your office afterward.

2 – Create a folder system

An excellent way to make yourself highly efficient is to organize a folder system based on the priority of each work task. Try to ensure you have an ‘in tray’ of new items that need your attention, as well as having different files for each different type of paperwork that you’ve completed.

This gives you quick and easy access to whatever you need, so you will not have to waste valuable seconds searching for things. In fact, you’ll be shocked by the amount of time you may be spending when it comes to searching for things.

3 – Develop a weekly filing habit

Of course, once you’ve set up your lovely new filing and folder systems, it is easy to think your task is done – but you could not be further from the truth! Even if you try to stick to perfect filing habits, you’ll soon find that your office starts to get a little out of order as time passes, and more important priorities show up.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to schedule a weekly habit where you’ll re-organize your office and ensure all of your filing is accurate and up to date. Fortunately, there shouldn’t be too much work to do if you keep up with this habit weekly, so do your best to make it a regular part of your routine.


Overall, office organization does not have to be a difficult as you think. If you take the time to consider exactly how you need your room set up, then do your best to keep it in this perfect order once a week, you’ll soon be surprised to discover that your office is in much better shape – and it really doesn’t take much effort to maintain the change.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be off to a great start when it comes to ensuring your office is neat, tidy, and organized for maximum efficiency.

Closet Organization for Better Utilization of Available Space

A closet is a storage space that can have more room that we might even think is available. It is all a matter of having a proper closet organization, which will lead to better utilization of the available space. Here are several tips on what to do to have an organized closet.

Folding Clothes: The most efficient way of creating room for storage is folding clothes and having an order of how to store them in the closet. It is important, however, to note that not all clothes are stored while folded.

Use Hangers: Certain clothes cannot be stored while folded, they are meant to be put on hangers. However, the type of hangers we use and how we use them speaks volumes about the utilization of space. Proper clothing storage etiquette dictates that we use the appropriate hangers. Sturdy wood hangers will be ideal for tailored jackets and even denim while those with satin padding for those delicate apparels. Go for the slim hangers to avoid using too much space.

A Pegboard: It is important to have a pegboard installed in the closet for hanging those small items such as necklaces, scarfs, belts, and can be an excellent option for creating a mini-dressing station.

Stack Shelves: The notion that your closet is too small to fit everything is not true, more so if you have open horizontal space. Get a few shoe boxes and stack them together to create shelves for more storage options. You can use the shelves to keep folded t-shirts, denim, or even shoes.

Shelf Dividers: A great way of bringing order on your storage of items on the shelves, especially if your close has long shelves, it install temporary shelf dividers. The dividers are a great way of maintaining order and avoiding leaning towers of those unruly clothes.

Use Drawers: You should invest in several drawers and identify several items that will be stored in the drawers. Transparent drawers can be a good option for keeping panties and socks. If you have a close that will need changing every few months, then you can do customized drawer units made of wire, which offer a secure temporary storage option.

Install Hooks: Sometimes, the simplest of ideas make the biggest of organizational results. Things such as hooks are the last thing in mind when trying to make sense of the dwindling closet space. However, install a few hooks will give you more room to keep those large handbags thus offering you even a way of keeping them from slumping and losing their shape while on the shelves.

Seasonal Storage: Why have those winter sweater still hanging around when it’s summer. You should consider doing seasonal storage. For instance, take a few boxes, put in the winter wear, and store the boxes on the top shelf of the closet to create more room of the summer wear.

Add Some Bins: the Efficient closet organization is all about the utilization of every inch of space. A good way of doing this without having to make structural changes in the close is the introduction of bins. They make a great way of storing some items without having to install extra drawers. Go for the stable containers that have a pull-out function.

Long Island Travel Guide

Long Island is the largest island in the continental United States. The island accounts for 40% of the state of New York’s population and is a widely popular touristic destination. The island is divided into four different counties, including Nassau, Suffolk and Queens and Brooklyn, which are part of New York City. Long Island is not the only island in the area, and you can take boat tours to explore other smaller islands such as Shelter Island, Jones Beach Island, Fishers Island or Fire Island just to name a few.
There are a ton of things to do on Long Island, and any of the four counties could keep you busy for days. Here is an overview of the things to see, experience and discover during your stay as well as some practical information for your trip.

Getting around Long Island

Long Island is one of the most populated and dense areas around New York. A high percentage of residents commute on a daily basis to New York City, and there is a large and efficient public transit system you can use to get around Long Island. Even though Long Island is an island, you might forget that you are on an island due to the ten different roads that connect the island to the rest of New York.
If you are flying to Long Island, you will probably land at the John F. Kennedy Airport, the LaGuardia Airport or the Long Island MacArthurt Airport. You will be able to take a cab or use the railroad system to get to your accommodation.
Taking the train is the easiest and cheapest way to travel anywhere in Long Island. You can use the MTA system, one of the largest public transit systems in the world to go anywhere in the five boroughs of New York City as well as in Nassau and Suffolk counties. You can also take the Long Island Rail Road, which runs up and down Long Island and is a popular option among commuters.
Taking the bus is another option you should consider if you want to travel through Nassau and Suffolk counties. The Nassau Inter-County Express and Suffolk County Transit systems are affordable and convenient options.
Main roads include the Long Island Expressway, the Northern State Parkway and Southern State Parkway. These roads will take you anywhere on the island.
Taxis and Uber are a very popular option anywhere on Long Island and are very convenient if you need to get around Brooklyn and Queens.

Your accommodation options

There is a vast selection of hotels and other accommodations throughout Long Island. From renting a cottage on the beach to staying at one of New York’s most luxurious hotel, there are many options to consider.
Boutique hotels are a hugely popular options, and you can find them anywhere in Brooklyn and Queens. You will find several hotels throughout Suffolk and Nassau but staying in one of these less populated counties could be an opportunity to rent a room in a cozy bed and breakfast and discover what life further away from New York City is like.
If you are thinking about traveling throughout Long Island to see as much of the area as possible, you should consider using Airbnb to find accommodations throughout the island and plan an itinerary that allows you to see several parts of the island.
Festivals and events

Long Island is vibrant with life, and there is always something to do all year round. The festivals and events available vary in function of the time of year you pick for your trip to Long Island.
Visiting Long Island around the Holidays season is a magical experience. You will find that most towns have their Christmas markets and decorate their streets for the Holidays.
Visiting Long Island in July is also a fantastic opportunity to see some of the best fireworks. Most beaches around Long Island have their firework shows.
If you visit Long Island in the Fall, make sure you stop by some of the harvest festivals that take place throughout the island. You can also head to the Festival By The Sea on Lido Beach to try some amazing seafood or plan a trip to the Long Island Fair to discover the island’s culture.
If you enjoy pizza, make sure you visit Long Island during the Long Island Pizza Festival & Bake-Off to enjoy some of the best pizza you will ever have.
Long Island is also home to an Annual MLK parade and a Charles Dickens Festival just to name a few events.
If you enjoy live music, check out the events planned at the Nassau Coliseum and at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater to get some concert tickets.

Discover the local cuisine

A trip to Long Island is a fantastic occasion to discover cuisine from everywhere in the world. You will find some favorite restaurants and eateries throughout Queens and Brooklyn that represent cuisine from any country you could think of.
If you want to discover typical Long Island cuisine, make sure you try at least one dish made with duck since raising ducks is a traditional farming activity throughout Nassau and Suffolk. Oyster, clam, and clam chowder are attractive options due to the many beaches in the area.
Pizza is another extremely popular dish, and you will get to try traditional pizza pies in the small eateries of Queens and Brooklyn.
Make sure you try the cocktail named after the island, the Long Island Ice Tea and try some of the brews made by local microbreweries.
A few recommendations:

  1. Try the Pentouse808 in Queens for a classy atmosphere on a rooftop.
  2. Enjoy some French food at Tournesol in Queens.
  3. Discover a typical Brooklyn eatery at the River Café
  4. Order some traditional Italian food at Michael’s of Brooklyn.
  5. If you visit Nassau County, stop by Popei’s Clam Bar for some seafood.
  6. Stop by Il Toscano or Dario’s in Nassau for some Italian food.
  7. If you are in Suffolk County, there is an amazing eatery called The Fifth Season located between Poquott and Belle Terre.

Visit a few museums

Your trip to Long Island should be an opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends or family, eat some amazing food and enjoy the beaches. There are plenty of museums in the area and your trip to Long Island will be filled with educational opportunities, especially if you go there with your children.
Did you know that the Spirit of St. Louis took off from Long Island in 1927 for the very first flight between New York and Paris? As a result, Long Island has a rich history linked to aviation. You can see some of these new planes and learn more about aviation pioneers by visiting the Cradle of Aviation Museum. The American Airpower Museum is another interesting option if you want to see more modern aircraft.
Long Island is home to 15 microbreweries, and you can enjoy these local brews in most local eateries. If you are a craft beer enthusiast, you can learn all about how your favorite beverage is made by visiting the Greenport Harbor Brewing Company.
You can discover paintings and other unique works of art at the Parrish Art Museum and the Nassau County Museum of Art. You will also be near the MoMa, which is something you need to visit if you are into modern art.
Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt and Walt Whitman were from Long Island? You can learn more about these American personalities and historical figures by visiting Walt Whitman’s birthplace and the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park.
If you are looking for cultural activities in Queens, you can visit the Queen County Farm Museum to learn more about the history of the area and its full agricultural pastor stop by the Queens Museum to learn more about the history of this borough.

Get some fresh air

Even though Long Island is close to New York City, there are plenty of open spaces. This is the idea if you want to be active during your trip or simply want to observe some of the local wildlife. You will be able to see some species of birds that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.
If you are interested in marine life and want to see wildlife, you should sign up for a boat tour that will take you to the smaller islands that are less populated. The animals you can see vary from one season to another.
There are several state parks throughout the island. You should plan trips to some of these parks to discover wildlife and enjoy some outdoors activities. Some of these parks include beaches and are great ways to enjoy the seaside away from the crowds. State parks include the Jones Beach State Park, the Robert Mose State Park, the Montauk Point State Park and the Hither Hills State Park among others.
You can also visit the Avalon Park and Reserve or the Longhouse Reserve to discover some endangered species and observe wildlife from up close.
Catch a sports game

Are you a sports enthusiast? Long Island is home to several professional teams and being near New York City is the perfect occasion to catch a game at Citi Fields in Queens, home of the New York Mets. The Brooklyn Cyclones also play at Citi Fields as a minor league team.
If you are an ice hockey fan, you should see the Brooklyn Nets or New York Islanders play at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.
Long Island also hosts the US Open Tennis Championships, and you can watch this competition at the USTA National Tennis Center right next to Citi Field.
The US Open PGA tour is also hosted in Long Island at the Bethpage Black Course. You can play a game of golf where US Open champions have set foot!
Long Island is home to two famous horseracing tracks, the Aqueduct racetrack in Queens and Belmont Park between Queens and Nassau.
If you want to experience a sporting event that is typical of New York, you should check out cinematic racing. This is a very popular activity in Long Island and consists of competitions between teams of firefighters. Games typically include foot races with buckets of water, ladder games and firetruck races.

Things to do with children

Are you taking your kids on a trip to Long Island? There are the ton of stuff for them to discover. They will be overjoyed to spend a day at the local amusement park, Adventureland or the Luna Park in Coney Island.
If they are passionate about animals, take them to the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn or the Queens Zoo. There are also a few aquariums in the area, including the New York Aquarium located in Brooklyn and the Long Island Aquarium.
There are plenty of educational activities for children in Long Island. You could, for instance, take your kids to the Long Island Children’s Museum or to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum to teach them about the history of the area.
And if you want an activity that is relaxing and allows everyone to get plenty of fresh air, take your children to the beach or to the Queens Botanical Gardens to discover some unique plants.

Shopping options

Do you enjoy shopping? There are several malls and shopping outlets in Long Island. If you travel to Long Island before the Holidays, plan on doing your Christmas shopping at one of the many Christmas markets.
The Tangers outlet is a widely popular option for shoppers. You will find stores from many major retailers and find that plenty of stores offer discounted items.
If you are in Queens and enjoy shopping, the Shops at Atlas Park and Queens Place should be on your list of things to do.

Your trip to Long Island is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the seaside, discover some of the amazing things New York City has to offer and experience what life is like for residents of the largest island in the U.S. This guide should help you plan your trip to Long Island, but there are many more options to consider and discover if you are planning to visit Long Island.