With our office organizing service option, we help you declutter your office (no matter what size!) to maximize if for greater efficiency. We’ll create a workspace that works you! At Big Apple Organizers & Cleaning Service, we believe organizing has to work with your personality and individual concerns. Our organizers quickly assess your situation and get to know you quickly to develop a strategy to get your organizing done in an efficient time frame.

Create a more efficient workspace by clearing away the clutter, finding the right organizing tools and developing a productive work environment.

Office Organization

Whether your office is at home, a small business, professional or medical practice, it can be a great help finding a professional’s assistance to stay organized in your business. I also offer cost-effective, efficient, services specially customized for you, and also arranging you home offices and also large offices workers. I’m used to the requirement of freelance experts the extraordinary features and HIPAA privacy requirements of psychology and medical agencies.

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Home Office Organization

Arranging a home office is all about putting many business functions together, at the same time maintaining a serene, clean, orderly, pleasant office. It entails paying close attention to information, ranging from organizing your shelving, desktop, filing, and storage, even down to the wiring connections under your desk and chairs. Decluttering your workspace only means clearing out personal stuff, most times the work often spread out to your place, finding a place to keep these items. For assistance to avoid being unorganized, I can offer organizational information, focus attention to behaviors that make you well-organized.

Analyzing your Office Organization

Organized offices have more industrious people. I will examine your position from an administrative point of view: the type of paperwork that flows in your office, how much, and also what their requirements are? The kind of files required to be kept, electronically and on paper, and how do you make use of it in your daily business procedures? The type of tools, equipment, and supplies you use daily, or occasionally, and what types of storage medium and options are accessible? What are the opportunities to get rid of off-site storage? A personal solution includes:

  • Clear and improve your filing methods
  • Arranging your office electronic documents on your systems
  • Disposing and Identifying of excess supplies and tools
  • Rearranging your office and storage spaces for maximum worth
  • De-cluttering public and waiting places
  • Organized Supplies and Materials

When it comes to materials, inventory, supplies, and equipment, having things organized translates into money. If you need service for professional offices, this simply means an end to over-demanding and losses incurred due to expiration. For the business based on goods, this means restructuring operations and better use of resources. Whichever way, the primary aim is finding a place suitable for both home and business. All items that are critical and must be clearly and highly visible, so that they can be quickly and efficiently seen when misplaced or replicated.

Once you finish drafting out your master plan for all the items in your business, I will be in charge of supervising your employees to explain all elements that are not useful anymore and put everything in their positions. If it requires, research, order, and manage installation of cabinetry, shelving and containers based the plan. As a partner with you and your staff at the same time on the attitudes and ways for being organized for ordering efficiently, taking inventory, determining to reorder points, and also replacing items to their initial positions.

Organized Paperwork

When it has to do with paperwork, which includes electronic paperwork, my candid advice always keeps less, do less. This entails focusing on business processes and filling which includes arranged file storage. To begin, I partner with you to eliminate stored clutter in the documents, identifying serious business records that have to be sustained and the things needed for maintaining them. When it comes to electronic files, I will help you determine what you need to keep to create organizational steps to improve the abilities to search for files.

Having your files de-cluttered, the next thing I would do is to establish an organizational system that enhances efficiency and also make the best use of the filing and storage spaces including the furniture. If need be, research, and coordinate installation of additional file storage. Usually, there are always opportunities to minimize the need to store file, improving your business by creating space for better use or getting rid of costs.

As important, I created coaching and time management for your employees to assist them in maintaining and improving the efficiency with the new organizational system. I particularly partner with them to create unique, priority processes for handling serious business records and for overseeing serious business functions like claims and billing that have a direct effect on incomes and payments.

Organized Customer and Patient Areas

Your customers can see you in your waiting room or front office. This is not a good way to impress them if you have a lot of printer paper stored under the tables and chairs, too much furniture and untidy piles of magazines. When you have an organized storage and filing office, it presents clean and more pleasing public image. Organizing your office creates space and gives you the chance to create a more spacious area for your customers, and also a better storage and filing patterns creates more efficient spaces for controlling business and patient and records that are not seen by the general public. This is an excellent way to prepare for more design-oriented results like better lighting and new paint.