People accumulate objects over the course of their lives. This is a fact of life in the modern age. Some people collect objects carefully and gracefully, winning no more possessions than they can handle and keeping them in absolutely meticulous upkeep. Others are more haphazard, creating cramped living spaces where everything seems lost to the mists of time, and only one person can even guess where an object is at any one time. While this can be initially convenient, it isn’t very long before the situation becomes incredibly frustrating for residents and visitors alike. Some unfortunate souls even go so far as to become hoarders, people who hold on to almost literally everything, gathering up objects and keeping for as long as possible; extreme hoarding behavior is often associated with mental illness, a fact anyone who’s been in a hoarder’s home can attest to.

Still, for most people, their possessions are merely a mess rather than a hazard to their lives and livelihoods. For those people who find themselves in an especially rough bind with a disorganized home or business and possessions that seem to be all over the place, there are professional organizers. Professional organizers are experts in a field that exists to help organizations and private individuals design systems and processes for managing their property, using organizing principles and transferring skills. While this sounds complicated, it’s essentially an exceedingly well-planned form of tidying up and putting things where they belong. If this doesn’t look like a field that requires professionals, you have probably never seen an incredibly disorganized home that seems as if it would take a miracle for it ever to be neat and tidy without demolishing the entire property.

Professional organizers work to create and maintain organizational systems by teaching principles of the organization; sorting objects, discarding random objects, assigning a place for each object and placing the object in its proper place before and after use. Some professional organizers even work to pass away excessive and disorganized masses of paper in homes and offices, while others work to redesign living and working spaces to be more organized. In a professional environment, professional organizers seek to attain increased productivity by managing paper, electronic files and managing employees’ time.

There are some professional organizers in the New York City metropolitan area, a sizable portion of the 4000 specialists in the United States. The Specialist, Professional Organizers, works out of 231 West 4th Street and mostly consults. Goodbye, Clutter Incorporated operates out of 51 East 90th Street and bills itself as a housecleaning service. Organizing Goddess Incorporated is another organization consulting firm and is based at 151 East 83rd Street. Pitch-Hitter Professional Organizer operates out of 245 Van Vorst Street while the relatively highly rated Big Apple Organizers can be found at 12 John Street.

Professional organizing is a new field to be sure, combining elements of many different areas to address uniquely modern issues. Still, it doesn’t matter much how new a field is when your home or office is swamped with clutter.