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Home Organizing

Organize your home for greater efficiency by maximizing your space and clearing out clutter.

Closet Organizing

Organize those old jeans, questionable purchases and unflattering tops to make room for clothes that not only make you feel good but look good too.

Office Organizing

Custom office organization to be more productive and less stressed at work.

Moving Organizing

Preparing for, dealing with or unpacking from a move is always a great time to get organized.

Specialty Organizing

Custom organization jobs or special projects, including vacation packing, holiday decorating and gift wrapping.


Who We Are

Big Apple Organizers is a local New York City based organization service. We organize all parts of your home or office and offer specialty services.

Explore the ways our bonded and insured team of professional organizers can help you. We have a high standards set for all our organizers so you will get an excellent organization in your home.

Whether you need to declutter your home, clear out your closet, downsize your home, organize a move or clear an estate we are here for you.

All Our Organizers Are

  • Experienced and Professional
  • Reference Checked
  • Interviewed in Person
  • Honest and Dependable
  • Bonded and Insured

Our Happy Customers

Great job by Judy. Big Apple Organizers was easy to book online and the customer service was great. I will definitely be using this service again in the future.
James Peterson
It is so much more fun coming back to my apartment with its new sense of order and simplicity. I was impressed with the service. Will be using them again on my next project.
Mike Crutcher
At first I was hesitant to work with and spend money on a professional organizer. It turned out that Big Apple Organizers was worth every penny.
Veronica Kim
Big Apple Organizers was strongly recommended by friends and the service has helped me keep my life in order in many ways. Monica was our organizer and she initially helped us unpack our new apartment and organize it room by room. She not only put things away, but helped us keep them there in a way that made sense!
Cathy Chu
When my wife suggested we hire someone to help get us organized, I was skeptical. I thought…”our home isn’t perfect, but we get by just fine.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. Big Apple Organizers was great!
Jim Bond
I can’t believe how much better my space feels and looks. My portfolio materials are now safely stored, and I can actually find them quickly. I can finally find things in my linen closet and on my cosmetics shelf. Great service, I highly recommend.
Lisa Shefferman

Travel Guide To Queens, New York

If there’s one steady constant throughout human history, it’s that people love to travel. There are those who are more extreme about it, packing up their bags at random and heading off in a direction to not even they know where. Most people aren’t like that, though. Most people tend to enjoy travel in safe amounts. They want to know where they’re going. They wish to have some idea of what they’ll do when they get there. And most importantly, they wish to know that there’s stuff there for them to do.

This is why New York City is so famous. New York, the city so nice they named it twice. It was once called New Amsterdam, but was renamed to New York in 1667 when the English captured it. Since then, it’s been a bustling hub of human activity, bringing people from all around the country. It’s quite the city, home to some amazing buildings, amazing focal points of American culture, and some of the most beautiful sights a person can go to see. With so many fantastic things in New York City, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to go there on vacation.

However, many people think of something rather specific when they think of New York. The New York they have in mind is Manhattan. It makes sense, given that Manhattan is the oldest part of New York City. It was the first area colonized, and it continues to be the economic seat of the United States. It contains such places as Wall Street and the United Nations headquarters. Given all that, it does make sense that so many people think of that area when they first think of New York.

However, that’s not the only part of New York City that there is! The city is divided into five sections, or “Burroughs”, each with its living culture and fantastic locations. While they’re all part of the same city, they’re almost an entire city unto themselves. That’s why when you want to talk about visiting New York City, you need to narrow it down more specifically. It’s nearly impossible to see everything in all five Burroughs during a short trip! Instead, it’s much better to plan for a single Burrough and plan out how your journey will go from there.

One of the more favorite places to go is Queens. Queens is the largest Burrough, at least regarding new size, and have the second largest population. Given its size and population, it’s no wonder that so many people are interested in seeing it. Surely that can’t be the only reason, can it? Size and number of people seem like a silly reason to make a visit.

You’d be right in assuming that. In truth, Queens, New York has an amazing assortment of tourist attractions, all on its own. If you want to make a trip to Queens, then it would be a good idea to spend a bit of time considering the places you might want to visit.

Places Of Learning And Education

While some people might argue the fact, one of the best parts of traveling is getting to learn new things. It may not always be the most adrenaline pumping choice of locations, but when you can expand your mind, you can discover all sorts of new things. This is why some of the most popular tourist attractions are those that let you learn things. Things about culture, things about history, things about anything you can find.

Queens, New York has you covered if that’s the sort of stuff you’re looking for. There is a multitude of different locations that you can visit, each offering different kinds of learning experiences.

The most obvious place to start would be the Queens Museum. It’s an art museum, which means that many of the exhibits talk about historical and modern art. In many cases, this artwork will be in some way representative of Queens itself. They will try to showcase local artists, talking about local artwork as it has evolved over the years. Yet it doesn’t stop just at local art. It tries to encompass as many different cultures as possible, teaching about art in all ways.

It also offers some different events. You can find such events as a drop in workshops, which give you a chance to learn how to use a new art style. That one can be especially fun if you have small children, as it gives them the opportunity to learn a new craft, and about the history of that craft. There are other events, such as professional talks on different aspects of art and art history, showings of film series by little film artists, and many others.

There’s simply no end to the amazing artwork you can see and learn about at the Queens Museum. To find out more about it, you can always go to their website at You never know what you might find out!

The Queens Museum isn’t the only place of learning in Queens. If you’re less interested in art than in the hard sciences, then Queens has you covered with the New York Hall of Science. It has a vast number of different permanent exhibits, over 450 in all, so you know that no matter when you visit you’ll find something worth seeing. In addition to those, however, you’ll also find an ever a rotating number of temporary exhibits, and their daily demonstrations.

What are the daily events? They’re short workshops that help teach adults and children of all ages about different aspects of science. Some examples of these activities are things like a Cow’s Eye Dissection, which helps learn about biology and the working of the eye, or AirPlay, which shows about air pressure and how it affects us every single day. As you may gather, different demonstrations are geared towards different age groups, but there are just as many that are worthwhile no matter how old you are.

If that’s not enough, or you’re planning a longer trip than just a few days, the New York Hall of Science also offers some camps and clubs. These camps and clubs are geared towards children, giving them more hands-on teaching about different aspects of science. It is an incredible location, and if you do visit Queens, you should plan for at least one full day to see it all. If you’d like to find out more about the New York Hall of Science, you can visit their website at

Perhaps you’re interested in artwork, but you also want to get a dose of culture, as well? Then you need to look no further than The Africa Center. You’ll find it located minutes away from the United Nations headquarters, so it can easily be part of your day trip. What does The Africa Center specialize in? Showcasing artwork and cultural information about contemporary Africa. Africa is an incredibly diverse continent, with some different countries that all have their own history and traditions. The Africa Center attempts to teach about that, showcasing a number of various exhibitions.

You’ll find such exhibits as Art of the Lega, which talks specifically about the art and the traditions of the Lega culture. Or you could always see At Arms Length, which speaks and teaches about the art of African puppetry. The simple fact is, The Africa Center has an amazing array of exhibits and information about contemporary Africa, and it’s worth visiting if you want to expand your knowledge of the culture. If you’d like to know more, you can visit their website at

Local Landmarks

Perhaps you’re not interested in going to Queens to learn about other places? It’s an ordinary thought. After all, if you wanted to learn about other places, you would visit those places. Luckily, Queens has an enormous variety of different historical landmarks. Each and every one is teeming with historical information, and you can visit them and steep yourself in the knowledge that they give.

A great first stop on that particular tour would be the Kingsland Homestead. What’s so amazing about it? It’s the oldest example of residential construction style, is all. It was built sometime between the years 1774 and 1785 though it’s hard to say exactly. That does mean, however, that it was made around the same time that the United States first became a country. By going to the Kingsland Homestead, you’ll be able to see the way people built houses during that time. That alone might be an interesting thing to see!

Is that not old enough for you? Perhaps you’d like to see an example of residential house building from when New York was still New Amsterdam, way back in 1661? If that’s the case, then you might want to check out the Bowne House. It was built and expanded by John Bowne and remains in the exact spot where it was built. Not only will you get to see an excellent example of historical architecture, but you’ll also get to learn some of the histories of New York from the time of the building.

If residential landmarks aren’t interesting to you, perhaps you’d rather see a military monument? Then you might be interested in Fort Totten Park. The park surrounds Fort Totten, a Civil War era fort. The park itself is interesting since it has all manner of fun and relaxing nature to see. However, the central draw would be Fort Totten itself. Built in 1862, Fort Totten was made to keep New York Harbor safe. It’s a historical landmark, but the U.S. Army Reserve still maintain a presence there, ever vigilant, watching over the harbor.

So Many Places To See, So Little Time

That’s just a few of the amazing places you can visit in Queens, New York. There are many more. There’s always the Queens Zoo, or the Queens Botanical Garden, or any one of the several artificial sports fields. That’s just the tourist attractions! That’s all to say nothing of the different places you can go to experience the Queens night life, the wonderful restaurants, and the interesting cultural hangouts such as bookstores and coffee shops.

At the end of the day, there are so many different places that you can go on vacation. There are so many different locations to visit; it can make your head spin. It certainly makes it difficult to decide really on a particular location. Even if you don’t want to travel to a foreign country, you don’t have to. The United States itself is a teeming mass of fantastic places to see and amazing things to do.

That’s what makes Queens, New York such an incredible place in and of itself. New York City is such a melting pot of different cultures and people that it’s hard to say it has only one, particular culture. Everywhere you look, you’ll see some sign of a different culture, some symbol of a different history, some example of a different lifestyle. It doesn’t take long before you’re flitting about, trying to find just the right thing to do and just the right place to be.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to plan your trip ahead of time. Figure out what you want to do and where you want to go. Find out what’s available to see and do, and make a concerted effort to stick to the plan. There’s nothing wrong with going wandering, of course. It’s your vacation! You should travel about in whatever way makes you happy and comfortable! However, if you plan ahead, you’ll find that there are an enormous number of different things to see and do.

So it helps to plan ahead. Lucky for you, it doesn’t matter what sort of things you enjoy doing, nor does it matter what kind of stuff you want to see. Queens, New York has you covered.